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7 Steps For Kids Oral Health

With the school year coming to a close, the changes in many family’s schedules can
derail some of the good habits we get ourselves and our kids into throughout the
school year. Here are some great ways to keep kids on track.

1. The Morning Brush – Kids tend to pass on the morning brush when sleeping later
than normal. If your child is doing this, a good way to remind them is to provide a
way for them to track the habit daily, such as with a chart or a check list that you can

2. Skip the Snacks – If children have too much free time on their hands they tend to
become far less active, which generally leads to more TV and more bad snacking.
Extra sugars can cause not only cause weight gain, but tooth decay. Keeping you
child active will benefit them in a number of ways, including helping prevent extra
trips to the dentist. Charts like mentioned in number one may be helpful here, as

3. Bad Snacks Go Good – Making healthy snacks easily accessible can eliminate bad
snack options. Portioned fresh fruits and veggies can be put into containers to make
things even easier. Healthy snacking means healthy teeth and gums.

4. Get rid of the Sports Drinks – Campers and sports players need to stay hydrated.
Sports drinks are very popular and given to many thirsty, active kids. Unfortunately,
they can do more harm than good. With so much sugar in them, every time you
drink some it creates an acid attack in the mouth, which lasts for 20 minutes. This
happens every time you take a sip of a sports drink. Water is the best, and less
expensive, alternative to keep teeth healthy.

5. Injury Prevention – Accidents happen, but some can be avoided with simple steps.
A mouth guard is a great way to protect your jaw and teeth from a sports related

6. Water is Best – Make sure water is always accessible and available for kids to
rehydrate with. It’s much better than juices and sodas.

7. Moderation is key – Keep a balance between summertime fun and foods like ice
cream and lemonade and a healthy diet and free time to activity time. If you eat
healthy and move all the time, a lazy day and a popsicle every now and then won’t
hurt, and can even be more enjoyable!