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5 Reasons Not To Miss Your Regular Checkup

5 Reasons Not To Miss Your Regular Checkup

Going to the dentist for a dental cleaning and dental checkup is easy to delay. Your teeth seem perfectly fine, and you brush regularly. However, nice teeth and daily brushing is only half the battle of good oral health.

Here are five reasons to schedule and keep your appointment for regular dental checkups:

  1. Decrease your chances for oral cancer. This type of cancer is often diagnosed late because people fail to go to the dentist on a regular basis.
  2. Reduce your risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Yes, there is a link between poor oral hygiene and many health problems such as the ones mentioned. Plaque has bacteria and other germs which seep into your gums and inflame them. The bacteria doesn’t stop there. It continues to travel to your blood vessels where it slowly breaks healthy tissue down. Regular cleanings remove the plaque buildup on your teeth and prevent these issues.
  3. Catch dental problems early. Root canals, gum grafts and tooth extractions are all painful things to endure. Often, these procedures are preventable with regular checkups because they are found early and taken care of. You will also save money; the copay for a regular checkup is relatively small compared to most other dental procedures.
  4. Continue to eat and drink what you want. Damaged or missing teeth, and gum disease often limit the types of food and drink you can consume. You may not enjoy your favorite coffee beverage because it’s too painful or your teeth are too sensitive. Preventative maintenance on your teeth will keep you eating and drinking the foods and drinking the beverages you love.
  5. Keep your smile perfect. Even if you don’t think so, you have a great smile. Every attractive, perfect smile starts with healthy gums and teeth. With regular dental checkups and dental cleaning, you can keep that smile perfect.

Visiting the dentist every year for a regular cleaning and checkup is like going to the spa or mini-vacation. It’s “me time” that allows you to take a break from the stress in your life and devote time to your personal health. So make sure to book a dental appointment and keep it. You owe it to your oral health. In fact, your teeth and gums will thank you.

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