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Avoid Trouble With Your Wisdom Teeth

Avoid Trouble With Your Wisdom Teeth

While dentists have been recommending removing wisdom teeth before it becomes necessary, some people may still have the symptoms that indicate when it is time for them to be taken out. It is very important that these symptoms not be ignored to avoid any complications.

There are many symptoms of wisdom teeth, which can come in the form of redness, tenderness, swelling, and even infection if they begin to grow thru the gums. Pain behind the molars will get stronger if the wisdom teeth are growing the wrong way, which can also lead to crowding of the teeth around them.

Additional symptoms can include a bad taste when chewing food and bad breath. Cysts can be a result, as well as tumors, however this is very uncommon.

Removing wisdom teeth is the most used method to remedy and prevent any problems. The original purpose of wisdom teeth is said to be a backup for times when oral heath was far less advanced and people would loose teeth easily. Since this is no longer the case, and our mouths only have room for 28 teeth, the 32 that we have are not all necessary, and as we now know, will generally just lead to problems. Your dentist or an oral surgeon will perform the extraction and any potential complications will be discussed before the procedure is done. It is usually performed under local anesthesia and is fairly simple in most cases.

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